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Quality Brands & Quality Products - Our Vanity Standard

We are committed to selling a curated collection of products that align with our values, center you and are high quality. We observe and review brands/products using our five point Vanity Standard. Read more below about our five point criteria.

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Assessing if the prospective brand is a Black, Minority, or Women-owned, Business Enterprise.

This point assesses whether or not this business is owned by a Black woman, Black person, Woman & or person of color. Additionally, we analyze the brand's social media presence, website and whether or not they portray black women in their marketing.  Some factors that go into analyzing the brand's social media & marketing strategies are if the brand includes images of Black/brown hands, testimonials from Black women, and marketing with black bodies.



Quality Packaging

This point reviews the brand’s product packaging. During this assessment we observe whether or not the presentation is neat, polished, durable, professional and of premium standard. We also determine whether or not we think the packaging stands out.




Our products are small batch, non-toxic, and natural. Clearly labeling ingredients and/or stating product ingredients is important to us. Ideally the product ingredient list should be labeled, if it is not labeled, brand should provide Coniqua’s Vanity Store with a list that clearly articulates each ingredient of each product.




Innovation is key. We value products that are innovative within their niche. This innovation could be a creative solution to a simple problem, a staple that is reinvented or simply a simple solution to a large problem. Whatever it may be, we look for new and creative ways to solve old and existing problems.



Wellness centered

Sexual health and wellness is core to our store. We assess the product's ability to center wellness and take care of our customers. We also assess to see if a brand centers our customer while highlighting their autonomy.


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